Daily kisses and hugs are always wonderful, but once a year we really get to lay on the mushy mama routine and make the kiddos feel extra special for Valentine’s Day. To help you celebrate your beloved wee ones, we created a list of 5 easy things that can help you make this year’s Valentine’s Day extra special.

  1. Give them a heart attack. Show some love and help your littles celebrate Valentine’s Day by creating a colorful, paper heart attack on their bedroom door. Using red and pink construction paper, cut out several hearts at a time by stacking multiple sheets of paper and folding them. Next, write all the sweet and silly reasons you love them on the hearts. Even if you have to read the reasons to them because they’re still too young, they’ll enjoy having dozens of paper hearts around reminding them that they’re loved.
  2. Give a little pizza your heart. There are few things kids love more than pizza. Make your own heart-shaped pizza for them with creative toppings for kids to build their own. Alternately, many pizza places will create their own heart-shaped pizzas on Valentine’s Day, which serves as a bonus for Mom who won’t have to cook.
  3. Get fancy! Whether you go out to a nice dinner or choose to stay in, jumping into your fanciest clothes and eating together as a family can make any occasion extra special. Let the kids pick out exactly what they want to wear for added cuteness (and mostly-mixed patterns).
  4. Eat dessert first. Spark excitement for your little ones and make Valentine’s Day a memorable experience for years to come by switching up the order of dinner. Whether you make dinner at home or go out, let them eat dessert first. It’ll feel like they’re breaking the funnest rule ever!
  5. Buy their love. Sometimes kids absolutely love the simplest little toys. The Dollar Store always has several options of Valentine’s Day themed toys and adorable odds and ends. Pair them with a handmade heart card to make their day extra special!

You got this, mama! Remember that even the littlest things can make your kids feel loved and appreciated this Valentine’s Day.