The moments you never want to forget are always the ones that come and go so quickly. Whether I’m taking photos with my camera or my phone, the rules and tricks to photography apply to both. Here are some easy pointers to capture beautiful baby photos like a professional.

1. Always use natural light

– Natural window light can make some of the most beautiful photographs, especially when taking photos of babies and children. Natural light seems to warm up a photo, doesn’t wash out skin tones, and creates soft, beautiful photographs. So turn off those overhead lights and open up your window shades. Make sure you’re not in the bright, harsh sunlight but in the indirect window light.


2. Face your baby towards the window.

-If you aren’t going for a super artistic look, but rather want to capture a simple, yet beautiful photo of your baby’s adorable profile or face, have them facing the window. Try to make sure to position yourself so you’re not blocking the light either. Having your baby face the window will eliminate any dark shadows on their face.


3. It’s all about the atmosphere

– Make sure that the room is quite and the atmosphere is relaxed. Generally, if you are calm, they will be. Consider putting on white noise and even a warm blowdryer so they’re nice and cozy. Take your time and don’t rush the shoot. If the baby needs a little break from photos, let them take a little feeding break. Your baby will be happier and so will your pictures 🙂