Gluing cards, stickers, and photos all over a bound book of blank pages has always had a certain appeal; you wind up with a solid memento you can hold in your hands, each page lovingly curated with photos and other glued-in doodads that tell the story of a special moment. Who hasn’t put together a scrapbook for a BFF or first boyfriend/girlfriend back in their teen years?
Of course, that was back before you were juggling a real job, an entire household’s schedules, and a kid who’s just decided she won’t eat crusts. In short: Who has the time? The good news is today, you can curate a personalized, browsable photo memento without all the fuss. For a meaningful gift or a cool way to commemorate a moment for yourself, just try one of these easy options. Then you can get back to the fun stuff: making new memories!


No scissors (or Photoshop skills) required! If your favorite photos are on your phone, just download an app that allows you to piece together as many photos as you’d like in a customizable grid; we like Pic Frame , Pic Collage, and Photo Collage Editor +.
Just choose your grid, tap to upload the right photos, and play with the resulting grid until it looks just right. Alternatively, you can use a web-based collage maker, such as,  to lay out your treasured snaps. Either way, when you’re happy with the composition, download the file, print it so it’s big enough for a frame (5×7 or 8×10 are usually perfect!), slap that work of art inside a nice frame, and congratulate yourself on a job well—and speedily—done.



The process of designing a Chatbook is as hands-off as you want it to be: If you want the site to simply pull a chunk of photos into a customized photo book, you can be done in a few minutes, tops. But if you want to create a photo book with special captions, additional photos, even a hardcover binding—we’ve got that too. Using our intuitive dashboard to piece together your scrapbook masterpiece will make you wonder how you ever managed to get through a scrapbook with a chunky glue stick!



Yep, you read that right: Instead of closing up those memories in a bulky scrapbook (which, let’s be honest, will spend a decent chunk of its life closed on the shelf), you can use those same graphic-design skills to set up a cool themed bulletin board. Just print out a stack of photos you’d like to see daily (that epic birthday party? Your nephew’s graduation? A big family reunion? An unforgettable engagement party?) and obtain prints. Hint: If you live near a Walgreens, you can use the drugstore’s app to send photos to their printers right from your phone. Then let your inner scrapbooking genius out to play: Cover the bulletin board with beautiful fabric or wrapping paper, then pin on the photos in a cool, gallery-wall-esque pattern, along with any other small doodads or mementos that go with the theme. The cool thing is that—unlike creating an old-school scrapbook, which can feel like an endless endeavor—once the board looks good, you’re done. Onward!